Ultimate Apartment Survival Kit

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The SafeFamilyLife Ultimate Apartment Survival Kit is specifically structured for apartment security. From the door stop alarm, to a mini infrared alarm, to a diversion safe for your valuables, to your personal safety with pepper sprays. Plus a manual with instructions for each product in the kit and a DVD that demonstrates each product for you.

Your Ultimate Apartment Survival Kit includes the following products:
• Cell Phone Lite (1)
• Diversion Safe - Dried Soup (1)
• 1/2 oz Pepper Spray with Visor Clip (1)
• Glass Breakage Alarm (1)
• Magnetic Door Alarm (2)
• Mini Alert Alarm (1)
• 2 oz. Pepper Spray with Wall Mount (1) 
• Door Stop Alarm (1)
• All batteries included 
• Products Instructional Manual

That's Not All...You get 5 Special Safety Reports. These reports are designed with apartment living safety and security in mind and are a great resource for making your apartment safer and more secure.

• Apartment Complex Safety 
• Five Steps To A Safer Apartment
• How To Protect Your Home and Family From A Home Invasion
• How To Select A Safe Apartment
• How To Prevent And Handle Burglaries

PLUS...a Product Instructional DVD Each product is demonstrated for you. Quickest way for you to learn to use the safety products.